NYC (NEW YORK CITY) School Calendar 2019- 20

NYC stands for New York City. So today we are going to provide you here with NYC School Calendar 2020 which you can access from here for free. NYC is known worldwide for its world-class schools and educational institutions. Hence the majority of the students want to enroll themselves in top schools in NYC.

So if you are looking forward to enrolling for admission in any of the school, or even study in a school in NYC, we have got the calendar which is perfect for you. These calendars have all the holidays marked according to the semester. So it is very important for the students to track their holidays and other events through the calendar.

Schools Holidays 2019 NYC

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A calendar is a must for any student since it helps them plan their study schedule and prepare in advance for their exams. It is also very essential to prepare for their exams beforehand.

So if you want to get your child admitted to a school in NYC, then you need the printable school calendar for the whole session.

NYC Term Date 2019- 20

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The term dates are the days in NYC schools during which the students are taught in school. In other words, it is the school schedule during which the NYC schools remain open for classes. The students are required to attend the classes during the period.

The term date in all the schools can be divided into four seasons, i.e, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Here we have provided you with the tentative term schedule for all the NYC schools:

Summer Term Dates & Holiday Breaks

Term Dates- Saturday 23rd April 2019 TO Sunday 24th May 2019

Term Dates II- Monday 3rd June 2019 TO Friday 19th July 2019

Summer Holiday- Saturday 20th July 2019 TO Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Autumn Term  Dates & Holiday Breaks

Term Date- Saturday 4th September 2019 TO Friday 18th October 2019

Term Date II- Tuesday 29th October 2019 TO Thursday 19th December 2019

Holiday Dates- 20th December 2019 TO Sunday 5th January 2020

Spring Term Dates & Holiday Breaks

Term Date- Friday 14th February 2020 TO Sunday 23rd February 2020

Easter Holidays- Friday 3rd April 2020 TO Sunday 19th April 2020

Summer Term Dates & Holiday Breaks

Term Date- Saturday 23rd May 2020 TO Sunday 31st Mar 2020

Summer Holidays- Wednesday 22nd July 2020 TO Thursday 3rd September

NYC Schools Holidays 2019- 20

Like the term date, the students must also be aware of the holidays of the NYC schools. Holidays are an integral part of the school which is scheduled according to the public holidays. The schedule includes federal holidays and festivals for the whole year which we are providing below:

  • Labour Day- September 2
  • Rosh Hashanah- September 30
  • Yom Kippur- October 9
  • Columbus Day- October 14
  • Thanksgiving Day- November 28
  • Martin Luther King Jr- January 20
  • Passover- April 9
  • Good Friday- April 10
  • Easter- April 12
  • Memorial Day- May 25
  • Closing Day- June 8

So here is the whole list of the holiday schedule for the NYC schools which can be used by the students and the parents for tracking the holidays throughout the year.

NYC Schools Calendar 2019- 20

So here we provided you with some useful calendar templates for NYC schools. So you can have your own school calendar by just downloading them in PDF format. It can act as an easy reference for students as well as parents.

If you want to know about some other information about the NYC schools then you can feel free to approach us.

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